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Why engage SRP?

Our proposal

Why engage SRP?

We combine our extensive high level network in Europe and Asia with international M&A expertise and deep C-level management experience.

common pain points

our added value

  • Limited access to Asian funds for European SMEs looking for an exit or strategic market alliance.

Creating focused access to Asian investors and  facilitating M&A strategy.

  • Limited access to European investors for Asian SMEs seeking sustainable growth in ESG and via strategic market alliances.

Creating focused access to European investors and facilitating M&A strategy.

  • Poor visibility of and access to European technology and brands for targeted M&A deal.

Identifying target brands or technologies for Asian investors in the European market.

  • Post Merger Integration failure and delay.

Engaging a ‘wise’ local network of senior executives for effective post merger support.

  • Limited access to Asian funds for European SMEs looking for an exit or strategic market alliance.

Strategic problem solving in changing markets and asset relocation support.

  • Supply chain issues and ecological sustainability in the new geo-political reality.

Creating focused access to Asian investors and  facilitating M&A strategy.

  • Underperformance of Asian investments in Europe.

Diagnosis and finetuning of operations for fast and optimal return on invested capital.

  • Negative impact of cultural clashes in merger situations.

Train and mentor executive management for more effective cross-cultural communication.

  • Inadequate organisational structure and mismatched or underperforming human resources

Executive search and HR development in both Europe and Asia.

  • Limited growth opportunity in a red ocean European market.

New business value creation via the merger of brands, technology, resources and markets.

  • Fear of losing Intellectual Property.

SRP is geopolitically neutral and will advise only according to best business logic and ethics.

How we operate?

Four business models adapted to our Client’s needs:
  1. The (family) SME retains us to identify Asian investors or strategic partners.
  2. The Asian or European investor retains us to build a target funnel and to liaise confidentially with identified targets.
  3. Private equity retains us to operationally assist divestiture of portfolio assets, and we use our network to provide a solution.
  4. We work on a project basis to resolve specific “pain points” of clients invested in Europe or Asia, including relocation, dispute resolution, market shifts, labour regulations, etc.

In each case, we commit to a success fee, complemented by a time and resource-based   retainer.

How are we different?

  1. We are headquartered in the heart of Europe with offices in Hong Kong as gateway to Asia.
  2. SRP is geopolitically unbiased and neutral. We base our advice purely on business logic and implement only in the best interests of our clients by bridging Europe and Asia.
  3. Our Team consists of experienced international senior executives, mostly former CEO’s and M&A specialists, who know the markets and can access their contacts with relevant top-level resources and targets relying on our experience and reputation.
  4. We are frontline” practitioners who have been around the block, not theoretical analysts or strategists.
  5. We are supported by our top-notch International Advisory Board
  6. Our core values are Professionalism, Agility and Integrity. We don’t compromise and provide honest feedback throughout the project, not “what the client wants to hear”.
  7. Since we work on a success fee basis, your success is also our reward.

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