Silk Road Partners BV



we smoothen the road for investments between Europe and Asia

Mission statement

“Silk Road Partners endeavours to be the unbiased and neutral international business advisory of choice, working in true collaboration with its clients based on trust, mutual respect and the understanding of cultural differences.

It aims to smoothen the road for investments between Europe and Asia through a vast Eurasian network of high level executives and advisory board with international M&A expertise and deep C-level management experience in future-oriented industries and those that are affected by geopolitical challenges.”

challenging times

We live in an exciting and rapidly changing world. China is fast becoming the world’s largest single economy with a further powerful development of Asia in general.

This leads to new opportunities, but also shifting strategic priorities. Economic insecurity and protectionism is lurking round the corner….

For many companies, the differences in policies, habits and culture can be extremely difficult to bridge without expert advice. Many investments have failed by not recognizing this enough.

Therefore, strong strategic partnerships – based on trust, mutual respect and understanding of cultural differences, good governance and open connectivity – must become our highest priority.

With its networks in China/Asia and Europe, Silk Road Partners can play an important role in making new ventures mutually beneficial or improve an existing investment.

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