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Why engage SRP?

Why engage SRP?

SRP has an exclusive focus on net zero-emission technologies and their components with a deep specialist network covering:

Further to the technologies used to achieve net zero emissions, SRP is targeting related industries, such as :

  • Energy Sector
    • Renewable Energy
    • Grid modernization
    • Energy Storage
  • Transportation
    • Electrical Vehicles
    • Public transit
    • Active transportation
  • Building and Construction
    • Energy efficient buildings
    • Renewable energy integration
    • Circular construction
  • Industry
    • Decarbonisation of heavy industries
    • Circular economy
    • Efficient manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Land Use
    • Sustainable Farming practices
    • Afforestation and reforestation
    • Reducing food waste
  • Technology and Innovation
    • Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)
    • Advanced Materials
    • Digital Solutions

Looking from another angle, what is required for such industries to get results in achieving zero emission targets

  • Technological Value Chain
    • Electrification of end-use sectors
    • Carbon capture, utilization and Storage
    • Hydrogen and Hydrogen related fuels
    • Bioenergy
  • Changes in Energy Demand and supply
    • Electrification
    • Efficiency improvements
    • Behavioral changes
  • Reducing fossil Fuels
    • Coal
    • Oil and natural Gas
  • Policy and Investments
    • Government Policies
    • Private Investments
  • And not to forget the Supply Chain
    • Geopolitics, rebellion & wars, climate change
    • Disruption requires quick and agile response
  • Semiconductors play a critical role and are the beating heart
    • Energy efficiency and power conversion
      • Optimize power conversion
      • Reduced heat production resulting in reduced CO2 emissions
    • Digital technology and data processing
      • Processing data more efficiently, identifying problems faster, testing solutions virtually
    • Clean energy Generation and control
      • Control flow of power in renewable energy sources, like solar arrays and wind turbines
    • Electrification and EV’s
      • Battery efficiency, motor control and charging systems
    • Smart grids and Energy management
      • Facilitating smart grid tech, optimizing energy distribution and consumption, efficient storage
    • Internet of Things and wearable electronics
      • Energy efficiency in homes, buildings industrial processes

SRP identified many pain points in investment situations over the Silk Road, and in particular related to net zero-emission technologies, which typically includes:

  • Business model complexity
  • Regulatory & legal complexity
  • Cross-cultural collaboration
  • Strategic partner challenges
  • Market access & entry barriers
  • Financial & tax complexity
  • Ensuring sustainability under uncertain and volatile circumstances
  • Government lobbying needs
  • Government access for funding and subsidies
  • Localized resource needs
  • Valuation & pricing Ambiguity
  • Due diligence challenges
  • Cross-border investor access
  • Post M&A Integration complexity
  • Development of profitable scaling strategies

In Summary

In the light of business plan complexity, strong strategic partnerships – based on trust, mutual respect and understanding of cultural differences, good governance and open connectivity are essential for success.

For many companies, the differences in habits and culture and certainly the regular evolution in policy focus can be extremely difficult to bridge without expert advice. Many investments have failed by not recognizing this enough on a timely basis.

Because of our extensive high-level network all over the Silk Road with cross border international M&A expertise and our Wise Consultants with deep understanding of net zero emission technologies and deep regional insights, we are able to get you the best support you might wish, all over the Silk Road.

All our people are intimately familiar with how net zero-emission and M&A really work on the ground. Their hands-on experience makes all the difference for you, our client!

How are we different?

  • Our Team consists of experienced senior executives all over the Silk Road, mostly cross border M&A specialists and Wise Consultants involved in emission reduction roles, who intimately know the industries they worked in and can access their local target contacts at relevant top-level positions, including academic and political relations.
  • We are “frontline” practitioners who have been there and solved the pain points that you, our client, are confronted with in the climate challenge, not just theoretical analysts or mere strategists.
  • We are actively supported by our top-notch International Advisory Board.
  • Our core values are professionalism, mutual respect, trust, collaboration and profound appreciation of cultural nuances. We don’t compromise and provide honest feedback throughout the project, not only “what the client wants to hear”.
  • Since we work on a retainer and success fee basis, your success is also our reward.​
  • We are headquartered in the heart of Europe with a regional office in Hong Kong and a people presence along the Silk Road.
  • SRP is geopolitically unbiased and neutral. We base our advice purely on business logic and implement only in the best interests of our clients all along the Silk Road.
SRP swimming against the flow

What are our specific solutions ?

“Wise” Strategic & execution Consulting

  • Strategy & growth development
  • Market entry strategy and execution
  • Innovation strategy
  • (International) Business model design
  • Organization & people development
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • PMI & carve out
  • Operations optimization
  • Government access for funding and subsidies
  • ESG Reporting requirements

M&A and Capital Raising

  • M&A advisory
  • Fund raising for scale-ups​
  • Pre-IPO capital raising to attract international investors​
  • Identification of, and negotiation with, strategic partners/ JV’s​
  • Finding “strategic” acquisition targets
  • Exit strategies and solutions​
  • Portfolio reorganisation​